No Realtor has matched your service or expenditure of time and energy. My most memorable experience in the sales process was of you both going the extra mile. Two great/nice people who are eager to please. Flo Fenneman 

Sandy & Ray are helpful, knowledgeable and organized. Which resulted in a positive experience for us. Kristi & Dave Millsapps

We could not have asked for nor expected the professionalism, personal attention, timely actions and responses we received from Sandy & Ray. We would certainly use them again. Kind of like Family.
Doug & Betty Harvell 

We hired Sandy & Ray because of their caring, friendly and professional attitude. We received many glowing recommendations from their past customers. Ed & Elva Scholes, retired Army

If Realtors are rated from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, you would be an 11.Willi & Harold Moore